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About us

We are more than a kite school

"MyWay" is our philosophy of life, which we would like to share and experience with you!

More or less by chance (what is "chance" anyway), our team around Matthias has been together for the past 20 years. How his idea for MyWay came about and how he got to know each and every one of us is accordingly a long story that he will be happy to tell you over a beer around the campfire;). However, one thing should be said in advance: we share a passion for water sports and nature, appreciation of simple and small things and the life of the moment.

Get to know us



Founder & Captain

Matthias welcomes you as the station manager. He is the right person for any queries during your stay. With his experience he trains students and teachers and always has the right advice for students of all levels.



Office manager

Vanessa is our Office-Fairy, she knows all the answers for management and office related questions and, in an incredible way, sees through all things. 



Welcome management 

Heyho, this is Elisa and she likes to rhyme on postcards. 

She loves the danger and to play in the yards. 

At this beautiful place she will welcome you, 

she also likes to kite like a pro. 



Bar manager

Once upon a time, Dirk was 9th in the world in kite racing, now he´s enjoying his days managing his own kiteschool in Sylt and Romo. For the winter he´s escaped to the beautiful lagoons at Gafanha da Nazare, where he shreds like a pro. Managing the bar and making you a happy and slightly drunk customer is his duty, so don´t judge him for pouring potent but delicious drinks. 



Kite assistant

The guy from the UK will teach you his tricks in and out of the water. Be stoked to meet him. 

Fladi 1.jpeg


Hotel team 

She´s in love with surfing and almost every other sport there is, except running and cycling. If she´s not in the ocean she´s supporting the hotel team or in her chopping trance in the kitchen. 



Feel good manager

Tim is our 1st mate and official “Feel Good Manager”, makes everyone laugh with his style and enjoys taking care of his children while they relax.



First Officer und Kite-/Surf- & Fitness Coach

With Ricardo you will always surf the right wave and you will learn everything about the fascination of surfing and kite. As our store manager, he will also help you choose the right equipment.



Hotel manager and surf instructor

With Pere you can catch the best waves or the best wipeouts of your life and learn to skate like a beast.  



School Center Manager

Everything related to water sports, Chris is your guy! Either at the water sports school or on the water, he´s always sharing his passion for nature, wind, water and waves.



Best bartender in town

Wictoria and Angelika, your two Bar-Angels, will serve you every drink with a smile and will share a shot with you if you pay. 😉 



Second best bartender in town

Wictoria and Angelika, your two Bar-Angels, will serve you every drink with a smile and will share a shot with you if you pay. 😉 



Kite assistant

Her happy nature will make you like her instantly, she´s always in a good mood and will support your kiting adventure on and off the water. Slovenia has definitely sent it´s most playful representative. 



Feel good assistant

This three-legged doggo will make your hearts melt. Never a sad day with Blacky in your life.  

Meet the Team

The idea

The idea behind "MyWay - Kite&Surf" is not just another Kite and Surf School, but a whole lifestyle concept that offers an unforgettable stay. It combines sports, good and healthy food and unique events, paired with culture and many shopping opportunities. All services such as shuttle, accommodation and entertainment are offered by us in order to be able to provide a holistic, stress free package that starts at the airport and ends there after the holiday… MyWay Style!!

The internationally certified kite and surf school just one hour south of Porto (Portugal) attracts cool people from all over the world, who either travel alone, in groups or with their family and kids. In addition to a wide range of sports (Kite, Surf, SUP, Surfskate, Wakeboard…) we also set our focus on Fitness & Wellness (Yoga, Pilates, Personal Training, Meditation, Massage), what not only keeps you fit, but also brings people together. We furthermore want to differentiate ourselves through the rich offer for children, who are supervised by professional staff, while parents can pursue their hobby or simply relax. 

Safety and the highest quality in harmony with nature have top priority for us. It starts with the international team, consisting of passionate kitesurfers who are all crazy for the project and have relevant experience in their respective areas of responsibility. The station will have the latest equipment and only certified kite instructors who can teach in a variety of languages. Trained lifeguards ensure safety, monitor the action with motor boats and jet skis and, in an emergency, have the injured brought to the modern hospital with intensive care unit just 10 minutes away. We offer a special kind of childcare for our guests so that the parents can pursue their surf passion and their kids get supervised by professionals and introduced about many important subjects like Enviormental issues.


MyWay Kite & Surf – Let dreams come true !

Die Idee

We want to thank you!

A heartfelt thank you goes to all the people without whom it would not have been possible to get here! See you on the water dear ones;)

Special thanks go to


Timo Sternemann

as a sparring partner, mentor and shoulder to cry out if something goes wrong.

Moritz Lorenz

for logo and design.

Dr. Jürgen Lachnit

Patent and trademark lawyer

for years of help in trademark law issues.

Katrin Schütz

who gave us self-sacrificing support with company registration and tax issues.

Johannes Heilmann

for the content that he made available to us.

All partners, friends and relatives who believe in us and support us in our projects !!

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