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Welcome to one of the most diverse spots in Europe

You love the sea, waves, wide sandy beaches, shallow lagoons and lots of space on the water, but until now you always had to decide where to go?

With us you can have it all. Our spot is one of the most versatile in Europe and therefore offers water sports enthusiasts of all kinds and skill levels the perfect spot. 

Endless flat water

Our huge lagoon is the perfect spot for beginners' kite training . Here you can manage the first few meters on the kiteboard with a secure feeling and quick learning success. Advanced kiters will find perfect conditions and enough space to learn new tricks or to cruise in flat water.If you like to explore the water with the SUP, the lagoon offers infinite waterways and exclusive beaches for a little break. It is even possible to paddle to the town of Aveiro.

Waves, a wide beach and the sea!

If you love the sea and waves, if you are an advanced kitersurfer looking for a new challenge or if you want to start surfing, our wave spot at Praia da Barra offers just the right conditions. This is not far from the lagoon and can be reached within a few minutes. Here you will find easier waves perfect for beginners in surfing or wave-kiting and a few meters down the beach more demanding conditions for experts. At this spot our beginners and advanced surf courses, as well as our kite - wave clinics for advanced kiters take place.

Accommodation right next to the water

Our hotel offers you the perfect starting point for all our activities. It has 10 cozy rooms and treats you with a healthy and delicious breakfast. There is a livingroom, where you can come tgether with other guests, watching films ins the evening or doing Home-Office during the day.  There is a huge garden that invites you to a beer or a nice barbecue. There is direct access to the water via a footbridge, so  we can start our kitelessons, downwinders and motor boat trips directly  from the hotel.

Culture, good food and good wine

The nearby center of Aveiro has a wonderful flair where you can discover the  Portuguese way of life with its artistically designed houses and alleys. Here you will find many cozy restaurants where you can enjoy the Portuguese cuisine. Portugal means delicious seafood, good wine and sweet snacks and all for a great price.

In addition, the place offers other sights that you can either explore by walking or by boat on the countless waterways. In the evening it is best to end the day in one of  the cozy bars.

Spot map

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Wind & weather

Aveiro is unofficially considered one of the windiest cities in Portugal. If you spend a long time here you will notice that despite a. moderate forecast, the wind often turns up unexpectedly. This is because the wind is influenced thermic, especially during the summer months.


In the main season (end of April to end of September) the probability of wind is around 80%. The predominant wind direction in the morning is north-west, at Praia da Barra these are side - onshore conditions. Around midday, the wind often takes a short break, turns further north (sideshore), increases in strength and continues until sunset.

In the winter months , the wind is more dependent on the major weather systems, so the wind direction can vary more during this time. The wind probability is at least 60% during winter. In the transition months of spring and autumn, the wind can come from very different directions. The good thing is that our huge lagoon offers perfect conditions for any wind direction.


We know how important a reliable wind and weather forecast is for your vacation planning. However, we recommend that you keep in mind that thermal wind is not taken into account by most forecasts. So you can expect significantly more wind on a sunny day than can be seen in the forecast. If you have any questions or if you would like an estimation of the upcoming  weather conditions, don't hesitate to contact us by phone, social media or email.

How to find us

Our base is located in the Hotel Jardim Oudinot, Forte da Barra S / N, 3830-565 I´lhavo, Portugal. The nearest airport or the next largest city with international rail connections is Porto.



Flight connection

If you want to come to us quickly and easily, a flight to Porto Airport is a good option. Many airports offer direct connections. Flight connections can be found on the Skyscanner website .


Depending on the traffic it is then 50 minutes by car in south easterly direction from Porto Airport to the coast to Aveiro. We also offer a shuttle service here on request.



Rental car

In Portugal you can find a cheap rental car, especially if you book early (prices from € 1.50 a day!). This is a great option if you want to be independent. There are many providers at Porto Airport , from which you can get in the car directly on the spot. Insider tip: There is now an electronic payment method for road tolls in Portugal. You can pay these as usual at the toll stations on site, but you can also have the electronic version activated at the car rental company. This automatically deducts the amount from your credit card when you pass the toll station, and you save yourself the hassle of small change and long waiting time.



Other ways to get to us

We know that there are many adventurers among you. No matter how you would like to arrive, please contact us and include us in your plans! For example , if you plan to come to us from Germany by van or camper, we offer a parking space directly at our hotel. The shared use of the sanitary facilities and use of the kitchen is included in the price per person.


We may also know from guests or friends that they will be on their way to us in the near future. We can possibly arrange a ride here.


Arrival by train is also possible. There are regular train connections to Aveiro from the main train station in Porto until 11:55 p.m..

If you are unsure how you want to arrive, have questions or would like advice, please contact us!

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