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Wavesurf courses

Following the mission of MyWay to promote the local economy in the region of Aveiro (central Portugal), we chose the Offshore Surfschool at Barra Beach as our “partner in crime”. We chose them because they share the same idea of quality and safety as we in the activities we are offering. 

Offshore surfschool is located at the Roots Beach Bar (MyWay Beach Base) and led by Pedro Gabriel Ferreira, who is member of the World Surf League and active competitor at several surf championships in Europe and around the World. He and his team have set the goal of offering another level of surf lessons, whilst keeping a fair price. Every instructor at their surfschool won at least one surf championship. They only use high quality equipment, their boards and wetsuits come from leading brands such as Billabong, Roxy, etc. In advanced classes all lessons are filmed so technique can be improved and mistakes can be removed with the help of video analysis. This, together with lifeguards at the beach

(June-September) ensures the quality and security MyWay is offering in all services. 

Book with us and experience one of the best surf schools in the area while you can try all the
sports we have available!

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Beginner course

There are three pillars that make up surfing: the physical, the technical and the mental. In this course you will learn to surf from the start. You start ashore to familiarize yourself with the basics, the right way of thinking and the technology, as well as safety. When you go into the water, the physical pillar enters because you will be paddling a lot;).


Advanced course

After the beginner course, it will be a matter of always being able to ride waves, improving your posture and technique. All limits are open upwards! Our spot offers waves for all levels where you can celebrate your first "bottom turns" and "cutbacks"!


Private course

You can of course also arrange individual training with us. On the one hand, this is useful if you are working on a specific matter or if you feel more secure with your own teacher. We also recommend private lessons for children up to the age of 7, since, based on our experience, they can learn most effectively in this course system.


Surf skate course

What sounds like an alternative for a waveless day is a highly effective training for your technique when surfing! With the surf skate you are on the asphalt and can thus expand your body feeling on the surfboard, your technique and your general understanding of your board feeling. If you don't believe us you have to try it!

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