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What to do, what to see and where to eat in


First time in Aveiro? Even if the answer is no, continue reading to explore all
hidden gems of this amazing city, also known as Venice of Portugal.


Aveiro will perhaps remind you of little Venice. It is a beautiful city with a lot of nice things to see.

Here you will find some ideas that we can recommend:

➼  canal tour with a traditional Moliceiro - ask the reception

➼ rent one of our bicycles

➼ visit the colorful fisherman houses in Costa Nova

➼ lighthouse Farol de Barra

➼ fish market Mercado do Peixe

➼ Jardim do Rossio and Shopping im Forum Aveiro

➼ University of Aveiro

➼ Vista Alegra Museum, the porcelain factory 

➼ Cathedral of Aveiro

➼ Ilhavo Maritime Museum and Aquarium

➼ salt water lagoon Ria de Aveiro

➼ old town of Aveiro

➼ ship museum St. Andrew - 10 minutes walk

➼ Teatro Aveirense - theatre of Aveiro

For more ideas you can always stop at the reception or contact us.

Around Aveiro

Trips around Aveiro

Sao Jacinto

This is probably the easiest place to reach. 20 minutes by ferry and you are in the artist'
village with beautiful nature and huge beach. Also check out the pasteleria „Progresso"
and try some of our recommended sweets.


The ferry leaves from Porto de
Aveiro which you can reach in 5 minutes on foot. You can find the departure times at the reception. Rent our bikes and explore this unique place.



First of all for sure you have to try our all you can eat “Sabado BBQ“ which is every saturday here at My Way. Meat, fish, salads, vegetables and and and.. For sure you will

find all kind of drinks you need in our bar.

A snack must-try are the “Lupinen“ -  in Portugal better known as “Tremoços“. At home you have the plant of it in your vase, here you will find them in our snack bar or at the

restaurant. Try them - but beware: you can get easily addicted.


Another dish you must try in Portugal is called francesinha. A combination of different meats in between bread, covered with a layer of cheese and drenched in gravy with chips on the side will definitely fill you up. We can recommend the restaurant “Alicarius“ in Aveiro. Here you will also find a vegetarian option. Call before and make a reservation.

Image by Gregor Moser

An excellent restaurant and also popular among the footballers (especially Cristiano Ronaldo) is “FAMA by Luís Lavrador“. This brilliant chef will take your breath away in
the middle of Aveiro with a 4 course menu. The finest dishes combined with the best wines will make the evening unforgettable.


We are at the sea, so for sure you have to try some wild shrimp and fresh fish. A nice and good tapas restaurant close to the water is “Boteco Aveiro“.


If you will enter a pastelaria or order a dessert try also: bolo do céu, toucinho do céu, natas do céu (do céu means in heaven and trust us, it fits), bolo de bolacha, arroz-doce, aletria, rabanadas and baba de camelo.


A beautiful and cozy pasteleria in Aveiro is “M Bakery“. Here you can get and try the delicious deserts.

One healthy food everybody heard about is açaí. Originally from Brasil it’s also common in Portugal. Known as super food for body and soul, açaí supports the body in everything. As an energy booster or to lose weight - this you should try at our hotel in the morning

for breakfast.

Probably the most famous sweet is the „Pastel de Nata“. In every street there is at least one Pastelaria where you can find this delicacy in different variations. We recommend to try each one and get one as soon as possible from our restaurant.

What you should also try in Portugal is a "Tripa". It is a crepe-like dough with delicious fillings. You can find it at small stands with long queues on the beach and in the city. You will find different variations from sweet to salty and savoury. They are perfect as a snack in between meals.

Ice cream always goes! Definitely try the one from „Gelados de Portugal“. They are known for innovative flavors that promote typical Portuguese flavors such as port wine, pineapple from the Azores or pastel de nata - ice cream flavor from all regions of Portugal. Vegans will also be happy, as there are different types of sorbets, such as raspberry, fig, blueberry…


Entertainment for kids

Jardim Oudinot

The closest possibility to have some fun and some space for playing is 5 minutes walk
away and is right next to our hotel: the park “Jardim Oudinot“. There you will find free
space for playing, some soccer fields, basketball… Just pass by and you will see. Also a nice place for a short walk.

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