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Wing Foil

the sport for all



Lately Wing foiling took it's place in the watersports and got into practice all over the world.
It combines the thrill of surfing and windsurfing with the fun and freedom of kitesurfing.
Here at MyWay our experienced instructors will teach you, how to fly over the water with the wing in your hand and a big smile on your face!


How to wing foil:

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At the beginning, you will learn how to control and use the wing on land, all safely in the sand.
After that and with big confindence we will move onto the water. But not on the foil board yet.
First you will start with a SUP board and then slowly but safely decrease the size until you end up with the foil.
Then it's all about understanding the foil itself and learning the basics  you need.Once we've reached this point, you are able to enjoy the world of wing foiling.


My Wing

2h Private lesson

120 €

Our Wing

2h Double lesson

75 € p.p

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