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Kitesurfing is our passion - we want to share

With us you can start learn kiting as a beginner or improve your skills as an advanced kiter. For this we offer you different courses and specials. Every person learns differently and in his own way. For us the individual course planning, tailored to the student, is the key to success. We are a VDWS licensed kite school and therefore work exclusively with licensed instructors.

We teach in a buddy system and in small groups at three different spots depending on your level and wind conditions. The safety of the students is our priority, the teachers are always there for you, we always have our rescue boat and we only using newest material.



Introduction courses

The taster course gives you the opportunity to get a first insight into the world of kitesurfing. After a short introduction to the basic technique and safety, you can prove your flying skills with modern trainer kites and find out if you want to continue with a real course.

2h 55 € (incl. material)

Minimum number of participants 2 persons


Beginner course

Kiting has become a quite safe and popular sport due to the progressive safety of the material. However, this only applies if you have a basic understanding of how a kite works and a safe kite handling.

We want to familiarize you with these first basics with as few disruptive factors as possible. That is why we start this course with an introduction on land, which gives you a first overview of the material, safety and theoretical background on the flight behavior of the kite.


The most important requirement for the so called waterstart is a good and almost intuitive control of the kite. How quickly you practice with the board depends of the individually learning progress . You will notice that kiting is not one day like the other and for a quick learning success the motto "slow but safe" applies.


Advanced Course

In this course we focus on your next level. If you have already taken a beginner course with us or another school, this course will bring you back into the right flow and build on your previous experience.

We adjust ourselves individually to your level, whereby the focus is on safe and sustainable learning. In kite surfing, success often comes faster than you think if you focus on the basics: give yourself a short familiarization period with the kite after a long break, allow yourself to get to know the new spot and its conditions, and differences in the material also require a short familiarization period.

This course helps you to become an independent kite surfer, for this its necessary to make as many different experiences as possible. So we have the possibility to kitesurf at different spots, teach you how to learn to assess wind and weather and choose the right material for your session.


You are no longer a kitesurfing beginner and want to improve your kitesurfing skills in certain areas?
We offer specific training sessions where we precisely improve the needs or problems of experienced kiters.

Our Self Rescue Intensive Course teaches you all the necessary self-rescue measures and for those who already have negative fears we recommend our Kite Rehab. You will receive perfectly tailored course units from instructors with psychological background. With Ricardo, who has been surfing since he can think, you can learn everything about kitesurfing in the waves in our Wave Clinic. The area around Aveiro is a downwinder paradise with countless waterways, sandbanks and islands. We organize supervised downwinders with our boat.

Special Courses & Events


Equipment rental

In order to use our equipment you need at least VDWS Level 5 or IKO Level 4 and a sufficient liability insurance or the VDWS Safety Tool.



Are you coming with your own equipment? We have a nice storage room which is protected with alarm system so you can enjoy stress free vacations. Room is big enough and you can store everything from kites, wings, boards, surfboards or even windsurf equipment.

MyWay means...


Kitesurfing courses

We want to take the pressure off you to learn kitesurfing within a fixed period of time e.g. "beginner course" like in most other schools around the world. Therefore we offer you individually tailored offers. You decide whether you want to book a package or paying per hour.

The more hours you book the cheaper your course will be.


Single lessons

Do it your way!

My Way         private lesson (1h)                      70 €

Our Way        2 students - 1 teacher (1h)        50 € p.P.

Group Way   3-4 students - 1 teacher (1h)     40 € p.P

Your benefits:

  • no training - no costs

  • More flexibility

  • Different expectations and less pressure


10 h     -    5% discount

20 h    -    10% discount  -> most booked

30 h    -    15% discount

In the occasion of not having enough wind during your stay, you can use your unused hours on your next visit or for other services or things from our shop.

Specials & events

Supervised Kiter

You are familiar with kite and board, can "hold height" but still feel insecure? Then this module is exactly the right one for you. We will take care of you, give you a tip and make sure you have a stress-free time on the water. Supervised kitesurfing is an offer for all those who have already successfully completed a kitesurfing course and now want to practice "on their own" but would like some support.

2h            50 €

1 day       90 €

Week       450 €

Self Rescue Intensive

In our Self Rescue Intensive course everything revolves around safety when kiting, techniques are explained to save yourself with your equipment in deep water. Own experiences and problems can also be dealt with here.

2h            100 €


Kite Rehab

The Kite Rehab is a new MyWay concept, which is especially designed for anxious athletes and people who have had bad experiences, e.g. through an accident, and who want to regain their self-confidence. In a 1/1 module (private lessons) experiences of instructors with a special psychological background are processed and the athlete is systematically introduced to the sport again.

Privat lesson  100 €

Wave Camp

The Kite Wave Camp is right for you if you want to experience new adventures as an advanced kiter. Get fit for the wave at all levels: Coach Ricardo will not only teach you the appropriate kitesurfing skills, he will also make you mentally fit. You will learn to understand the waves and take your skills to a new level. Regular video analyzes and individual support ensure maximum learning success.

Foil Camp

Are you an advanced kiter, want to improve your skills and bring your kiting to the next level,...or are you just looking for a new adventure?
Then it is time now!
The MyWay Foil Camp is ready for you! Foiling gives you the sensation of flying over the water and is even possible with almost no wind. It is truly magical and actually easier than it appears.
With our coaching, you will get into the right techniques to learn foiling safely and with a huge smile on your face. Our spot offers, with several flatwater spots in our endless lagoon, a huge playground, where we can practice undisturbed.


The area around Aveiro is a downwinder paradise with countless waterways, sandbars and islands. We organize transfers to the starting spot, safe care on the water and a surprise at the destination. You can register on site, or let us reserve you by email. We plan the exact process depending on interest, weather and wind conditions.

6-10 kitesurfer

3h            75 € 

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