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MyWay Bar - Bringing people together

What do you live for?

The bar was (and still is) a refuge for local fishermen, which has become a meeting place for musicians and dreamers who come together to talk about the wind, the weather and their adventures at sea. We want to create a place where everyone can come together and feel comfortable.

In our case, the sea and the lagoon come together and make us dream.

We serve delicious food,  a cold beer, fancy cocktails or delicious Portuguese coffee - just the perfect drink for your visit, depending on your desire.

We offer a basic menu with daily specials  - local food, local meat, local fish.... just depending on the delivery of the local suppliers and fishermen.

We are looking forward to you!

Opening Hours



Wed & Thu

Fri & Sat


10 am - 10 pm


10 am - 10 pm

10 am - 2 am

10 am -10 pm

Open Kitchen


Wed - Mon 


10 am - 3 pm & 7pm - 10pm

Menu & Food

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