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Since so many people have encouraged us to open despite Covid19, we have decided to make a soft launch this year. Over the last few months we have been working day and night to get everything ready to make the most of your stay (see Facebook and Instagram). It's still a work in progress and nothing is perfect, but let's face it, if we waited for that, we'd never open.

Due to the current situation, we unfortunately weren't able to have a grand opening party, but.... WE ARE OPEN!!! ... Don't worry, the grand opening party is not cancelled, just postponed until next spring/summer 😉 .

The hotel rooms are ready for you and Nico and Noah are waiting for you in our bar with delicious drinks and great food. And finally, all kite enthusiasts don't have to wait any longer: Matze and Ricardo can't wait to welcome you to our school and shop and get you on the board or improve your skills. The latest core and flysurfer equipment is already here and more (including Duotone), will follow soon.

We are aware of the crazy and scary situation caused by Covid19 and are doing everything we can to make sure MyWay is as safe as possible for you. We follow a strict hygiene concept and have the "corona safe" certificate! So far, it's no problem to come here, and when you are here, you can mostly move freely outside. We offer enough different spaces inside and outside our buildings to guarantee the prescribed distance, even if it rains. And if your home country wants to see an up-to-date Covid19 test, we even have an official lab near us that can provide results within 24 hours.

Check out Facebook for the latest news (e.g. home office workstations) or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest offers.

Why not drop by for a beer or two, or unwind on the water!


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