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Fitness & wellness

We are convinced that  a healthy mind can live in a healthy body only - and vice versa. That is why we offer a complete range of fitness and wellness activities. On the one hand, those are the perfect addition to your water sport activities, on the other hand, it is the opportunity for people not interested in water sports to become active with us. We offer group courses and individual training. Our instructors are always in contact with you and can spontaneously set up a program to your needs.

Beach Run



Bauch Intensiv

In this class we focus on the straight and oblique abdominal muscles, torso and back muscles. For 25 minutes, we train these body regions with effective exercises - for a crisp six-pack, improved posture and a reduction in back problems.

High intensity training (HIT)

HIT is a cross-sport training method, in which you can push yourself to your limits, alternate with active recovery phases.

Due to complex movements, several muscle groups and joints are stressed at the same time. With this training your whole body works at the highest level!

Back fitness

With this training you strengthen your core and back muscles. You learn back-friendly behavior, improve your posture and can prevent back problems in the long term. Everyday muscles and joints are mobilized and strengthened, the spine is stabilized and your deep muscles are activated.

Individual workshop

Decide for yourself! Once a week we offer you a special workshop that is based on your individual interests. At the reception you will find a list in which you can enter your wishes. We will put together a suitable program based on your ideas. 


Autogenic training

You learn to put yourself in a state of relaxation and tranquility using guidelines. With autogenic training you can improve your relaxation, blood circulation and balance. Also, the training can have a positive effect on your sleep behavior or your ability to concentrate. 


A combination of smooth stroking movements, in which the muscles can relax and blood flow is promoted, as well as kneading and circular movements, in which the muscle tissue is loosened and hardening in the muscles is removed. The pleasant massage handles have a vitalizing and activating effect. After a very short time, your well-being will increase.


Meditation enables you to become more relaxed, to find yourself and to rest. In the long term, regular meditation can increase concentration and self-confidence.Learn to perceive your body and your sensations and to deal with them calmly. Say goodbye to negative thoughts and interrupt your carousel of thoughts. Focus on what matters to you at that moment.


Progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) is an effective relaxation method that is easy to learn and can be integrated into everyday life. With the targeted relaxation and relaxation of the muscles, your body feeling will be improved, your muscles relaxed and you can relax better.

Stretch and relax

With various techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, fantasy trips or a short meditation as well as intensive stretching, body and mind can relax completely. Recharge your batteries and do something good for your body!

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