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The MAGMA 5.4.3mm is your top pick for extended winter water adventures, perfect for those who want to embrace the cold season fully. It's the preferred suit of our cold-water team, trusted in locations like Iceland, Vancouver, and Sweden.

The Meteor Magma is tailor-made for harsh winter conditions, designed to keep you warm on chilly and blustery days. The Magma+ employs cutting-edge materials, with its fleece not only acting as a highly effective insulator and heat generator but also offering exceptional flexibility, ensuring even the thickest wetsuit remains incredibly stretchy. What's more, it boasts a rapid drying feature, drying 30% faster than conventional fleece, ensuring you never have to put on a damp wetsuit again.

If you're determined not to miss out on winter water sessions, this is the wetsuit of choice for you.

MAGMA Meteor - FZ 5,4,3mm Black


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